Yoga Upward Salute

Sun Salutation – A Yoga Pose

I’ve been doing a lot of Yoga lately after reading up on the benefits of this exercise. I like it a lot better than lifting weights or doing heavy cardio work at the gym. I also like the spirtual benefits as well. Many of the poses are grounded in ancient traditions. One of my favorites, of course, is the Sun Salutation Pose, which I learned about on Here’s a little history behind the pose.

Also known as Surya Namaskara, the sun salutation is an older form of Indian exercise that’s usually practiced as a means of honoring the sunshine. The pose combines worship, motion, and prayer. It has 12 poses which are done jointly as a way to reach the desired outcomes.

Sun Salutation at the Dead Sea


You can do the pose as a warm up exercise. When you are in a yoga class or you also can take action as the key exercise. When employed as a warmup exercise, it helps in creating internal “electricity” hence warming up the physique.

To prepare the physique, this pose generates energy that increases blood circulation in the muscles thus establishing a rhythm for the complete yoga practice. When you are doing the pose for warm-up goals, you simply do it for just a small amount of time.

Doing the pose as the main exercise allows you to build flexibility and body strength. The pose also helps you to exercise major body muscles such as the respiratory program muscles. As a consequence of this you breathe better and be appropriate.

In addition to these advantages, other benefits include:

Weight-loss: this is the widely known benefit of the pose. The pose brings about weight loss by augmenting the rate of metabolic process. Fat sediments in the body are combusted, When the speed of metabolism increases and consequently you shed weight.

Peace of mind: when done at an effortless pace, the sun salutation has been demonstrated find a way to provide you much needed peace of mind. As a result of the peace of mind, you’re feeling relaxed and without tension. As a result of this, you become more productive as there is an optimistic approach towards life.

Physical benefits: other than the pose assisting you to have peace of mind, it also helps in making you physically fit.

The sun salutation is a rather easy to execute model also it could be practiced by nearly every man, woman and child, regardless of age. To enjoy all the advantages of the pose, you should practice day-to-day. You should also possess an optimistic attitude towards it.