EEFNow is a personal blog and a call to action for greater energy efficiency, with a particular emphasis on the importance of solar power. We can all make a difference and help slow down or even stop the daunting issues of global warming, climate change and the rapid depletion of our planet’s non-renewable energy sources. But it takes time, effort and dedication to get there.

When I’m not advocating renewable energy or writing about the virtues of solar power, you’ll often find me sitting cozily by the fire reading a good book. I’m a fan of fiction–everything from the classics of Dickens or Robert Louis Stevenson up to more contemporary authors like J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter series. I also have a weakness for computer games, and I’ve been playing all sorts of games over the past few years.

I also like to travel. As you might expect, my love for solar power leads me to equatorial regions, where I can observe first-hand how people are putting solar power to work. So far, I’ve been to every continent save Antarctica, but hope to travel there soon as well.

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